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Rattan Garden Furniture Company Offers Athletes Incentives

A prize of approximately £500,000 will be shared amongst the athletes of a foreign rattan garden furniture company if they manage win more than on dold medal at this years London olympics.

"As a company we will get lots of publicity for our rattan garden furniture and it gives the athletes an added incentive to perform,&quot said Ling Cheng the company owner.;

"The prize will be offered in the form of rattan garden furniture or prize money for each athlete." he continued.

Rattan Furniture Manufacturing

Langsdale MEP Richard Crimson has praised local rattan garden furniture makers in light of strong export sales to Eurozone countries.

Mr Crimsom, who recently opened a rattan garden furniture factory, said: "In Lukestown we always had a tradition of manufacturing upholstery so it just seemed logical to turn those skills into making rattan furniture."

"Although there has been a loss in jobs in a lot of manufacturing sectors in this country upholstery and rattan garden furniture manufacturing are in a healthy state."

A Summer With Rattan Garden Furniture

 The summer season gives us so many ways to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family alike. Rattan Garden Furniture can enhance the experience – by supplying stylish comfort.

Select Furnishings offer the highest quality Rattan Garden Furniture to its customers by importing it direct form manufacturers in China, India and to a lesser extent Vietnam.

"For most people summer is their favourite season and more and more people are enjoying the benefits of Rattan Garden Furniture." said Phils Malone, Selective Furnishings Director.

"We do have a superb showroom but most of our Rattan Garden Furniture is sold through our website" Phil continued.

Rattan Garden Furniture Made From Recycled Aluminium

The Recycle Range of rattan garden furniture designed by an upstart company won the prestigious "Outdoor Rattan Furniture" Award last month.

The Recycle Range of rattan furniture is made with reclaimed aluminuim, mainly from scrap yards. It is then melted down and made into tubes which will eventually become the frame of the rattan furniture.

Mark Fellows, president of Fellows Rattan Furniture, said, "Using recycled materials is a cost effective way of making rattan garden furniture and naturally it is good for the environment. In the past the materials we use would have ended up in land fill sites."

"I got the idea for making the rattan garden furniture in this way after visiting a friend in Australia who uses recycled platic to make surf boards," continued Mark.

Rattan Furniture in Germany

What has now become a quitessential item in many British gardens – Rattan Garden Furniture – was a common feature in many (west) German gardens in the 50′s and 60′s. Rattan sun loungers, Rattan cube sets, Rattan dining tables and of course Ratta sofa’s were a common feature adorning the lawns of German houses.

Unlike in the modern era in where Rattan Furniture is made of synthetic Rattan, in those days it was made from woven rattan found in the forests of Borneo. Although today, like Britain, most of the Rattan Funiture sold is of the synthetic variety.

Another reason Rattan Garden Furniture took off quicker in Germany than it did here is because the weather in summer is generally much better allowing Germans to spend more time in their gardens.

Rattan Furniture Jubilee Weather

Rattan Furniture

Jubilee Revellers Enjoy Rattan Furnture

Revellers at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Crowstone took full advantage of the Rattan Garden Furniture laid on for their enjoyment. In an area known as "The Green", near the centre of the town, multiple sets of all types Rattan Furniture were donated for use by a local manufacturer – supplied as part of a promotion of a new range of Rattan Garden Furniture the company is about to launch.

"We thought we would be helping the local community by supplying comfortable rattan furniture for the party-goers in light of the wet weather," explained company director Brian Deacon." Sitting on wet grass would hardly be appropriate whilst enjoying such an event. Plus it gives people the chance to see the quality rattan furniture that is being locally produced. It’s a win-win situation for all." Brian continued.

Brian later commented that the donated Rattan Furniture would be donated to charity after the event.